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Queue Ticket Management Kiosk

Self service ticket system

Self help ticket collection system

1、Fully self service you would be able to reduce staff member cost effectively.

2、Reduce any human error that would occur.

Suitable for use in different business

Whether you are a fast food restaurant, bar, fine restaurants, takeaways we can provide comprehensive improvement plan to our client help improving their business. Fine Dine, Takeaway, Pizza, Hotel, Fast food, Bar, Sushi, Cafe, Bakery, Dessert, Noodle, Western

User Interface

Interface display

The Queue Ticket Kiosk can clearly display the overall queue status and can make announcements for ticket numbers ready to be served. This simple, but effective queuing system reduces errorsand always allows customers to be aware of their queue status.

Product function

If your business is using our SmartOrder Expedite Display, customers can have real-time feedback of when their orders are ready to be picked up. This is the best way to ensure customers get the freshest food with the least waiting time.

Scene display