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You can find a restaurant POS from free to thousands of dollar, but with the wrong decision it can make you not only losing the investment of the POS system but it might also cause your restaurant operation into a mess or even stop operation. When you have The wrong purchase, most of the customers would likely total loss their restaurant POS and require to find another POS., it is very important for customers to find the right POS system for the first time. There are 2 main factors in choosing the right POS system. First, you will need to make sure the system hardware is stable and good enough for everyday uses. Second, the POS software has the right design for your daily operation.


The hardware of the POS system is very important, as the hardware will be running at 7 days a week, and most likely over 10 hours a day. If the hardware is not stable enough, it might just breakdown within the first month of purchase. If the hardware is not working it will also affect your business operation. Second, during, the hardware will need to have the right specification. As during your operation there are large amount of data to be managed in the system. Hardware is too bad you might end up with a very slow POS system that nobody like to use it. Normally, a low price hardware equipments are likely to be outdated ,refurbished or out of warranty and likely to cause problem in the long run.


When we have a reliable hardware, now you will need to find the right operation system (software). The restaurant POS system is a very powerful business software, as business operator needs many different features to optimize their operation. For example, orders management, Marketings through network, take up orders management, cash/credit flow management, reporting, multiple devices wireless connection management and etc... When a system comes with that many functions you will always need a professional consultant to guide on your how to use it and configure. If you buy a low priced system it is very likely there are leak of professional support, and you will need a lot of time to try and learn. It will be the time Second for, restaurant business is a complicated and fast moving business. Second, the restaurant POS would also need to be updated all the time. For example, to reduce With that many features and complicated system, it makes sense that system company would need to have many professional developer to maintain and develop new features for e The system. If a company selling their POS system in a very low price point or even for free. It very hard for a system company to hire professional developer if they cannot get enough due. Very low price point. It is very likely that their will have no technical support, software support, not very comprehensive features list and no bug fixing. When restaurant operator uses these kind of low-end POS system, there are many problems to be consider For the consequence. For example, there will be many bugs in the software as there are no developer to fix the software for a long time. It also affect the stability of the software, When there are any problems it might be hard to find any support to resolve any problems. We suggest our customers when choosing the right POS always don't go cheap on that, as the system is Help your business to improve. As long as the system can help you to get more in return it is always worth spending a bit more on the POS system.


Finally, and it's the most important factor of buying the restaurant POS, which is technical support and warranty. Any system can goes wrong at any time, even if you buy the best system in the world. It would fail at some time. As the System is very closely connected with your business., if there is a system failure the first day might already affect 20% - 50% of your business revenue. If the failure cannot be fixed in a short period of time, it will cost you If a POS company selling at a very low price it is very likely that there will have no support after sales. As it is POS company has to be able to provide quick support response time is very important. Very different for them to support customer without any profit.


We suggest customer to buy the restaurant POS with after sales support plan. For example, a yearly plan that promise to provide technical support to restaurant system.