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Chinese Restaurants
The operation of Chinese restaurants is complicated because there are many special options for Chinese dishes, such as more rice and less oil. Sometimes the demands are endless. Therefore, the system often needs to be more powerful to support the daily operation of Chinese restaurants. Our SmartOrder system is powerful. The following functions can help Chinese restaurants improve the efficiency.
There are many ways to prepare the same dish in Chinese restaurants. We can use additional options to give employees more flexibility in order placing.
Multiple Printing for One Item
Some dishes in Chinese restaurants are designed in the form of set meals. For example, a lunch has rice, soup and dishes. The general system can only print out a sheet of paper for each dish. However, the powerful SmartOrder system allows users to customize multiple printing functions and enables guests to set up multiple printing for one dish on different printers, thus increasing the flexibility in operation.
Mobile Phone Wireless Ordering
Time is money. For example, if a restaurant only uses the POS machine to place orders, the staff needs to record the guests' orders at their table first and then go back to the POS machine to place orders. This process takes a lot of time. We provide mobile phone wireless ordering equipments. Employees can directly place orders for guests and send them to the production department for printing and to the POS machine for recording.
Automatic Combo Function
Many Chinese restaurants have set meals. For example, a meal with a drink is a set meal. Our system can customize the set meal settings. When employees place an order, the system will automatically find the set meal and directly combine them into a set meal, thus maximizing the efficiency for both employees and guests.
Automatic Printing Classification
The SmartOrder system can automatically arrange dishes according to the designated departments, and separate dishes into different production departments for printing.
Self-ordering system
Although the operation of Chinese restaurants is complex, if the menu is properly designed, the self-service ordering system can also be used. The self-service ordering system enables the guests to place orders anytime and anywhere without waiting for the help of waiters. At the same time, waiters can work more efficiently because guests use tablets. Therefore, using self-service ordering can greatly improve the efficiency of restaurants.