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What equipment to buy always been the biggest problem for all restaurant operators, as all operators have a budget to consider. If you buy the equipment accurately, then the investment you spend will soon be saved from the operation and earn back the investment amount. It is important that not to buy extra equipment that is no uses, it will make your investment return period longer and might even not able to cover. So here we have the following suggestions.


We suggest restaurants plan on their purchase equipment based on their size and seating.

Size : 500 sq feet; 20 - 30 Seats

If you are a small shop with an area of ​​about 500 square feet, you should have no more than 20-30 seats. One Smart POS should be good enough for you to run your business, if your menus is a little more complicated you might also consider to use Smart Mobile for wireless Smartphone ordering. This would help you to reduce order time, hence to allow you to do more business with the same period. Because the size of the restaurant is too small, therefore Self Ordering Technology would not be much useful in here.


Size : 500 - 1500 sq feet; 30 - 100 Seats

A restaurant of this size will probably require 2 POS terminal and one for billing. Because there are a certain number of guests, a dedicated line is required for checkout. The second POS is used to manage orders and other operation. At this size, restaurant can choose to use the self-service ordering system to help them manage their orders. If you need, you can also purchase a mobile phone wireless order.


Size : 1500 or above sq feet; 100+ Seats

A restaurant with this size will need 2-3 POS terminal, because of the number of guest restaurant might need 2 dedicated line for guest checkout. Also, the self ordering technology is very well useful in restaurant with size like this. It would help employee to reduce their workload and help restaurant business reduce labor, improve efficiency.