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On May 1, 2019, the minimum wage in Hong Kong was adjusted from HK$34.5 t HK$ 37.5 of 8.7% increase. Although most of the restaurant will say that the current hourly rate is already higher than the minimum wage. But restaurant will be still be affected, as the minimum wage adjustment will affect the staff like building security. When the wage has increased in different jobs it is likely to see increase cost in hire staff in restaurant. Therefore, human resources are now a great problem for restaurant operator. It would be the first priority for manager to resolve this problem.


           When our clients choose to use our products, our mission would need to make sure that our products would be able to help our clients to get back their investment from operation. The following is one of our client that uses our product to save operation run from using our products.


Machi Handmade Hotpot Restaurant


           Machi Handmade Hotpot Restaurant is a hotpot restaurant in Yuen Long. Their shop has over 10,000 square feet of area. Because the store area is relatively large, they have two big problems. The first is the customer service experience, and the second is the labor cost. Because the store is large, the location where the guests sit is far apart. Therefore, it will be difficult for the guests to find a waiter to place an order, and if more waiter is hired, the operating cost will be greatly increased. Therefore, Machi Handmade Hotpot Restaurant has purchased a self-service ordering system, which greatly reduced their operating costs. At least 2-3 employees are reduced in monthly cost. And because there are fewer people, also make it easier to manage the business.


If we use 2-3 employees replaced by SmartOrder self ordering system. The average salary of restaurant employees would be around HK$ 15000 - HK$20000. Therefore, we have helped our client reduce their operation cost by HK$ 30000 - HK$ 60000 per month. They would have earn back their investment in just one month of operation.