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Western Restaurants
The business mode of western restaurants is different from that of ordinary restaurants. For example, employees need to determine the serving order of meals and inform the kitchen to make the next dish after confirming that guests have finished the dishes already served, thus providing guests with the freshest dishes. For this reason, the printing method of the production department is different from that of Chinese food and fast food. All dishes should be printed on one piece of paper at a time. These factors determine whether the catering system you choose is strong enough or not.
Transfer Printing Ticket
Employees can use the POS system to send the default information/customized information directly to the printer of the designated product department, so that employees do not have to go to the kitchen to inform the chef.
Pay Separately
Many guests of western restaurants are more exposed to western culture. This group of consumers prefers the AA system. Therefore, they often pay separately at the checkout. In this case, the restaurant needs to print out separate bills for them.
Self-service Ordering
The menu of western restaurants is often simple and easy to understand and doesn't have as many choices as Chinese food. Because the menu is simple, guests can order on the self-service tablet. The self-service ordering system enables the guests to place orders anytime and anywhere without waiting for the help of waiters. At the same time, waiters can work more efficiently because guests use tablets. Therefore, using self-service ordering can greatly improve the efficiency of restaurants.
Customized Dishes
Sometimes guests order dishes with special requirements, but such dishes are not available on the menu set by the system. At this point, the customized dish function is required. Employees can customize the name of the dish and the location and price for printing at one time.
Mobile Phone Wireless Ordering
Time is money. For example, if a restaurant only uses the POS machine to place orders, the staff needs to record the guests' orders at their table first and then go back to the POS machine to place orders. This process takes a lot of time. We provide mobile phone wireless ordering equipments. Employees can directly place orders for guests and send them to the production department for printing and to the POS machine for recording.