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Large Restaurants
Generally, large restaurants refer to restaurants that cover an area of more than 1,000 feet or even more than 10,000 feet. This type of restaurant has particularly high requirements for system. Firstly, they need to manage a large number of orders every day. Secondly, they also have a large number of employees. Therefore, they require more functions of the system. Our diversified products can save cost and improve the efficiency for large restaurants.
Self-service Ordering
Large restaurants with a large area can accommodate many guests. There is also a great demand for employees. Furthermore, because of the large area, the distance between the guest and the staff is large. Therefore, they need a large number of employees to better serve the guests. Therefore, our SmartOrder provides a highly automated self-service ordering system which can not only improve the working efficiency, but also enhance the quality of service. Guests can use the tablet to order food quickly and conveniently. They can see the menu directly at their seats and send orders to different production departments, which can reduce the working stress on employees. At the same time, as the ordering information is immediately sent to the printer, dishes can also be completed in the shortest time. The restaurant can do more business by speeding up the guests' dinning time.
Queuing Machine
Because of the large number of customers in large restaurants, queuing is very common. Proper management of queuing can improve guests' satisfaction while reducing guest turnover, because guests are more likely to leave if there is no way to manage the flow. Our queuing machines allow guests to print their own queuing tickets without waiting for instructions from staffs. At the same time, our queuing ticket has a QR Code real-time query function, so that guests can walk around during the waiting time and return when their number is approaching.
QR Code Self-service Ordering
Restaurants need to purchase a large number of tablets when setting up self-service ordering, which may exert great stress on some budget-restricted restaurants. In response to this, we have designed the QR Code self-service ordering function. Employees can print a sheet of paper with a QR Code when guests enter the restaurant, so that guests can use their mobile phones to scan the QR Code to enter the restaurant menu system. Guests can directly place orders in the system and send them to the production department and POS machine, which would not only reduce restaurants' investment in tablets, but also improve their working efficiency.
Self-service Ordering Machine
In today's market, human resources are a big problem for the entire catering industry. Large chain groups like McDonald's have used self-service ordering machines in all their branches. From this we can see that the self-service ordering machine can greatly reduce the operating cost. Self-service ordering by guests can greatly reduce the chance of making a mistake, and help restaurants reduce staffing. Moreover, using a self-service ordering machine can reduce the cost for menu printing.