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Takeaway Restaurants
Takeaway restaurants can generally be divided into three categories. The first is that guests order in the restaurant and then take their meals away. The second is that guests call for ordering and pick their meals up in the restaurant. The third is that guests call for ordering and the restaurant deliver the meals to the address designated by guests.
Pickup Number
The quick key function provided by our SmartOrder system allows the system to automatically/manually match the pickup number. The pickup number can help the restaurant pair the meals with guests without confusion in the event of a large number of orders.
Takeaway Phone Record
When a guest calls the restaurant to place an order, the system can record the guest's phone number. After the order is completed, the guest only needs to read out the phone number when picking up the meal in the restaurant, so that restaurant staff can match the guest's order according to the phone number.
Automatically Record Delivery Address
Many delivery orders require filling in the address. The SmartOrder system can automatically record the guest's address after the first delivery order is completed, so that the next time the guest orders take-out, the address will be automatically filled in for easy operation.
Online Ordering
SmartOrder offers a restaurant website where guests can directly view menus, place orders and make payments.