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It is not easy to run a restaurant, as an operation manager you will need to design the operation as efficient as possible in order for you to stand out among the competition. Because one of the biggest costs of running a restaurant is labor, and a good POS system can help the restaurant improve its operation a lot.


If the restaurant doesn't use the POS system, employees often need to use handwriting to take customer orders. As different people would have different handwriting it is very often to see staff member has misunderstood the handwriting and create wrong order for customers. Also, to pass the paper orders around the restaurant is also a very time-consuming work with very low efficiency. For example, staff will spend 30% more time in handwriting compare to using Smartphone/Tablet wirelessly order to the Kitchen/Bar. By using technology restaurant can highly reduce their staff members ordering time. When your customer pays their bill, without POS system you are required to calculate the total amount to be paid. However, often staff would very easy to make a calculation mistake and create a direct loss to the restaurant. Also, human calculation is way more time consuming than a POS system. So the customer would have to wait longer for the calculation to be completed. All these add the time to each customer dining time. When a restaurant can do 100 orders in one hour, but due to all these reasons now restaurant can only do 50 orders in one hour.


A good restaurant POS system can help the restaurant greatly improve its operation. For example, staff members can send orders directly from their Smartphone/tablet to kitchen/bar. A restaurant who use Self Ordering Tablet/QR Code self-ordering can save on their menu printing cost.  As they can just update their menu via digitally. Also, when customers order their orders themselves, you can greatly reduce the error during the ordering and reduce the restaurant labor needs. Base on all the fact above, we can see that the importance of a good POS system to the restaurant. Therefore, choosing the right POS system is a very important decision. You can check the article "How do you choose the right POS Brand for your restaurant". 


Food and beverage industry is a very labor intensive business when more people involved in the business operation the higher chance that there is employee theft within the operation. When you look at the chain restaurant, they all employ outsider to manage their restaurant and has very little internal theft. The reason behind that is they have a very good POS management system to reduce the internal theft problem. After using the POS system, your kitchen will only do the orders that are printed from the printer, so the employee has to use the POS system to place the order. When all the orders have to go through the POS system, the system can track all the orders if they cancel or change. We can all find out any suspicious orders from the system. If there is internal theft problem, with the POS system business owner/operator can easily find out. In here we can see a good POS system is very important to a restaurant business.