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Fast Food Restaurants
The business model of Fast food restaurants such as McDonald's, KFC, Maxim and Café de Coral are all charging first and then guests taking their own meals by themselves. This business model can greatly reduce the number of employees required, because it can save the process of food delivery and placing orders for guests at their tables by employees. One of the most important features of this business model is that guests will receive a bill with a pickup number after they pay at the cashier. Guests can pick up their meals according to the pickup number, so that even if the restaurant is very busy, it will not be confused by too many orders.
Pickup Number
The quick key function provided by our SmartOrder system allows the system to automatically/manually match the pickup number. The pickup number can help the restaurant pair the meals with guests without confusion in the event of a large number of orders.
Quick Printing
When the employee receives the customer's order and the payment, the system will simultaneously allocate the order to different departments by itself to facilitate each department to print in the shortest time.
Pickup Display
When an order is completed, the employee can use our SmartOrder's Smart Display to call the pickup number, thus notifying the guest to pick up the meal.
Guest Order Display
In the equipment system of the cashier, we can add extra order display to show order number information. The guest order display not only helps to avoid misunderstandings, but also establishes interaction with customers. By displaying the order number through the client-side display system, guests can enjoy better services and more opportunities to earn tips.
Self-service Ordering Machine
In today's market, human resources are a big problem for the entire catering industry. Large chain groups like McDonald's have used self-service ordering machines in all their branches. From this we can see that the self-service ordering machine can greatly reduce the operating cost. Self-service ordering by guests can greatly reduce the chance of making a mistake, and help restaurants reduce staffing. Moreover, using a self-service ordering machine can reduce the cost for menu printing.

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