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Food Truck or Street Food
Food truck or street food, usually with a small operating area, require high efficiency. In addition, its budget in system is relatively low, so SmartOrder offers a customized solution for Food truck or street food.
Using the Tablet
As Food truck or street food usually cover a small operating area, one more standard ordering machine may make the already small space too crowded. Moreover, due to the small size, the high flexibility of the equipment is required, because the space also needs to be organized when opening/closing the store. The SmartOrder system supports the use of Android tablets, which can greatly enhance the utilization rate of the space.
A Cheaper Plan
In addition to the small operating area, Food truck or street food have a relatively small budget, because it's usually used by small shop. We have designed a plan for Food truck or street food. Since the menu of Food truck or street food is generally simple and their equipment requirements are relatively simple, we can provide a self-installed scheme for Food truck or street food owners to reduce the cost.
Pickup Number
The quick key function provided by our SmartOrder system allows the system to automatically/manually match the pickup number. The pickup number can help the restaurant pair the meals with guests without confusion in the event of a large number of orders.
Self-service Ordering Machine
In today's market, human resources are a big problem for the entire catering industry. Large chain groups like McDonald's have used self-service ordering machines in all their branches. From this we can see that the self-service ordering machine can greatly reduce the operating cost. Self-service ordering by guests can greatly reduce the chance of making a mistake, and help restaurants reduce staffing. Moreover, using a self-service ordering machine can reduce the cost for menu printing.