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SmartOrder has been serving the Food and beverage industry for over 10 years and is recognized by many restaurant businesses. With many years of experience, we have created a complete product line to help the restaurant business. Our system can support many different types of restaurant business. Our aim is to help restaurant business to increase their automation, use the less afford to complete the most complicated job.


Currently, SmartOrder provides a complete solution to restaurant business. The product includes Smart POS, Smart POS plus, Smart Mobile, Smart Menu, Smart QR Code Ordering, and E-Portal system.  Smart POS can fulfill the basic needs of all restaurants, order management, sending orders, amend orders, accounting, etc... If clients need to further improve restaurant operation, they can add multiple order terminals in a different location in the restaurant. Allow multiple employees to place order at the same time. The mobile wireless ordering system allows employees to send orders directly to the POS terminal and printers. 


We also have the most advanced products in the business. A restaurant can use self-ordering tablet or QR Code ordering allow restaurant customers to place order without restaurant employee. This also helps the restaurant to save money on printing menu, as all the menu can be updated digitally. When customer order through our self-ordering system/QR Code self-ordering system, the order will be sent directly to the POS and printer accordingly. Finally, with the E-Portal restaurant operator can check their business report at any time anywhere. 


Our prices are very transparent no hidden charges. If clients have system failure we will help clients to resolve the problem as soon as possible. Although our service is not the cheapest in the market, but we provide the best service to our customers.