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SmartOrder is a technology company that specialized in new innovative technology for restaurant operating systems. Today, due to inflation cost the challenge for restaurant operators to profitably and efficiently manage and grow their businesses has never been greater. SmartOrder introduces a new restaurant POS (Point of Sales) system that reduces cost and increases your revenue by enhancing the customer's dining experience through its technology and reduce the number of well-trained staff.

The motivation behind the company was to create a whole new dining experience that addresses most common problems reported by customers as well as the personnel-related shortcomings experienced by restaurant management, specifically: inconsistent service, patron frustration with the time to place orders, missing orders, billpayment ans difficulty executing programs (food/drink specials, promotion, etc.) 

SmartOrder develops solutions that help you place your order smart with the uses of technology. The company has developed a touch screen computer including the point-of-sale (POS) system enable customers to place food and drink orders directly from the device without having to locate their server. Unlike other proprietary ordering systems which can only be used on the provided device. SmartOrder allowing the customer to decide which tablet device they want to use. Therefore, it is easier for customers to upgrade their devices or resell their old devices to the market providing a lower entre cost to new customers.